Mid-week update

CHI folks certainly have been wonderful this week.  There have been quite a few missions done and we have two more days left.  There’s been plenty of feedback coming in as well, and I’d like to mention a few things that have been commonly asked:

Some folks have requested a dedicated mobile version and we agree!  We couldn’t get it finished in time for the initial launch, but look for it soon.

Yes, there was a bug with certain badges not showing up in your completed list.  Special thanks to Lana for finding this bug!  It’s been fixed, so all badges should be showing correctly now.

MissionRunner is here to stay!  Some have the impression that this was only for the conference, but we plan on being around for a long time.  We just love CHI so much, we are going all out to help the conference.

Some have asked about using MissionRunner in their own projects.  We’d love to help others who have interesting projects that could fit with our service.  So if you have ideas for collaboration, just let us know.  Send a mail to info@educatedcriminals.com and let’s set up a chat.



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